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The Amur Region is a vital part of the Far East due to its geographical and political significance for Russia. It has a long borderline with China (1243 km) and is closely related to the countries of Asia-Pacific Region such as the Republic of Korea and Japan.

The economy of the Region focuses on foreign trade. The major trade partners of the Amur Region in 2017 were People’s Republic of China (88.0% of total turnover), Mongolia (5.2% of total turnover), the Republic of Korea (1.4% of total turnover) and the Republic of Belarus (0.8% of total turnover).

To develop its economy, the Amur Region activated the zones of priority development that provide favorable conditions to attract investments and conduct business, advance new high-tech industries, including gas industry.

Currently, there are three zones of priority development in the Amur Region, they are: ‘Belogorsk’, ‘Priamurskaya’, and ‘Svobodny’ – with 13 registered residents.

The sustainable social and economic development of the Amur Region is supported by the acting and further constructed transportation infrastructure, which is a part of Baikal-Amur Railway, Trans-Siberian Railway and Amur highway, together with the zones of priority development.

The access to the Chinese transportation network by means of the bridge constructed over the Amur River on the Russia-China borderline in the area of two cities – Blagoveshchensk and Heihe and arrangement of tourist and recreation cluster “Amur” will make the Amur Region more stable and prospective in its foreign trade cooperation and more attractive for both potential investors and tourists.

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